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"Athleticism is the very definition of Mr. Olivieri’s dancing. He performs with such passion and precision he is one to watch. He leaped into the air, somehow he flipped around and when he lands, throws his body into a roll that began at the chest and continued to the toes." - Dance in New York City by Darrell Wood


As a performer, I have had the privilege of performing and touring with organizations and dance creators that have impacted my artistic sensibilities and shaped my love of modern and contemporary dance. I enjoyed six years dancing with 10 Hairy Legs, a New York-based all-male repertory dance company, dancing work of post-modern and contemporary choreographers such as Doug Elkins, Christopher Williams, Heidi Latsky, Doug Varone, Manuel Vignoulle, Raja Feather Kelly, Al Blackstone, Stephen Petronio, and Yin Yue among others. My performance career has also included dancing for companies such as Christopher Williams Dance Company, Abarukas Dance Company, BARE Dance Company, Shawn Bible, and Barkin/Selissen Projects.

Images from Queering the Ballet Russes

by Christopher Williams

New York Live Arts

October 27th - October 30th 2021

Christopher Williams' Narcissus

Joyce Theater

June 27th - July 3rd 2022

Christopher Williams' Les Sylphides 


Excerpt of Duet from Tinderness  Choreographed by Jackie Nowicki
Bryant Park Summer Stage, NYC


Performance Reel
10 Hairy Legs - 
Abarukas -BARE Dance Company - Pushing Progress

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