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Turn Signal

A detour away from city limits towards desert winds and rugged terrain, the dancer ventures through color grades of gender exploration and movement-centered introspection.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fuselage Dance Film Festival - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Salem State University International Dance Film Festival - 2023.png

Under the Tracks

Collaboration with Alia Swersky & Roel Seeber

Edited by Alexander Olivieri

Constructed between 1911 and 1917, the Ballard Locks connects the Puget Sound to Seattle’s upstream lakes. It was originally operated and led by engineer Hiram Chittenden of the US Army Corp, from whom it now gets its name the Ballard Hiram Chittenden Locks. Each year, 40,000 ships pass through the locks that separate the fresh water lakes from the salt water ways of the Puget Sound. In this site-specific work, three dancers explore the line between the past and the present. They slide, scrape and scour the ledge that overlooks the intersection of Seattle's salt and fresh water systems. 


Ropes and Rocks - Trailer

Collaboration with Roel Seeber and Olivia Sander

Performed by Roel Seeber & Olivia Sander

Filmed and Edited by Alexander Olivieri

coming soon

. . . X . . .

Collaboration with Roel Seeber and Sarah Choi

Filmed by Alexander Olivieri

OFFICIAL SELECTION - InShadow - 2022.png


Directed by Alexander Olivieri

Performed by Gildas Lemonnier

The time will come, you will leave places that feel like home, losing people and parts of yourself that you love. Just like a tree losing its leaves, sap seeping from its center, you shed your own skin. Only so you can keep growing, and let this new essence flow from within. You surrender to pain and let go, and everything you let go - comes back to you. Never left, was never lost. Alive in this beautiful dance that only you can feel.


Filmed and Edited by Alexander Olivieri

co-choreographed by Alexander Olivieri and Alia Swersky

OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Choreographic Festival of Blois - Dance - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fuselage Dance Film Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lights Dance Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Thessaloniki Cinedance International - 2022.png

Through reflection and refraction, starkly contrasted forms explore rhythm, tension and breath in togetherness.

pronom al

Directed and Performed by Alexander Olivieri

Movement & Costume collaboration with

Alia Swersky

OFFICIAL SELECTION - International ScreenDance Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sizzle Dance  Film Festival - 2021 (White Font).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - ADFs Movies By Movers - 2022.png

Tracing the tethers of resistance and reflection, the body explores its complex reel of identities. What gets concealed and what gets revealed?


In collaboration with Cameo Lethem

Choreography by Alexander Olivieri

Inspired by the black feathered raptors of the Pacific Northwest, the film explores contemporary dance forms as a language describing these birds' cohabitations of our urban landscapes.

The Boards

In collaboration with Roel Seeber

Filmed & Edited by Alexander Olivieri

Choreographed by Roel Seeber

A series of seven vertical dance performances layered with choreographed and painted landscapes of acrylic, cardboard and the imagination of Roel Seeber.

Marble and Mallet
Choreographed by Alexander Olivieri
Filmed and Edited by Sarah Choi

With light and shadow, both cinematographer and performer play sculptors of the moving image to speculate the remnants of separation and isolation.

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